Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Pink and Green Hydrangeas

Hi everyone. I'm feeling better this week. Sleeping earlier and walking tons help. Yesterday I walked over 14K steps. It's been way too hot to jog, so I changed to walking instead. And it helped that I talked to a friend while I walked, and before I knew it, I clocked 14K steps. I didn't feel tired as well, so all is good!

This week, I worked on refining my technique on making miniature hydrangeas and I'm really pleased. I researched a bit on hydrangeas and found that they do change color based on pH level of the soil. That's interesting. I love these pink and green tips hydrangeas

What I'm liking with these new refreshed hydrangeas is definitely how more natural they look. I've also made the petals more thin, and that made them look even more delicate. 

I also changed the stem color to a lighter green, which brings out a totally different feel. With a couple of changes here and there, the whole hydrangea has been transformed.

I'm one who looks to continuously improving myself. And I'm happy with these new hydrangeas.

I'm working on a more ambitious theme with hydrangeas, we'll see how that goes.

One of my favourite pictures, where you can see the color changes. :)

I took this early in the morning and wanted to give it a try, with the sun shine hitting on it.

Even though the shadow is a little distracting, but I'm liking how it looks in this warm sunlight. :)

Have a beautiful Thursday everyone!


  1. Your new hydrangeas are Soooo Pretty Pei Li! The delicate colors and the looser blossoms on the stems are far more realistic - WELL DONE! :D

    1. Dear Elizabeth, Thank you so much for visiting and your sweet comments. So glad you love these hydrangeas! I enjoyed making them :)

  2. Hello Pei Li. Great to hear you are feeling better. I agree an early morning walk makes you feel good, and is supposed to help you sleep better. Although it is a lot colder here first thing in the morning than I imagine it is in Singapore! Your hydrangea is really amazing; your persistence has paid off!

    1. Hi Shannon, Thanks so much for visiting and your sweet comments. I love colder climates, but I just don't have the luxury of those here in Singapore. Trying to stay cool in this hot humid climate is a challenge these days for me!

  3. Hello Pei Li ..... the hydrangea is a dream ...... but everything you do is beautiful!!!!!!!!!
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind, sweet words. I'm just thrilled to hear you love these new hydrangeas!


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